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Who is Responsible for a Winter Car Accident?

February 23, 2021

winter car accident

When drivers become involved in car accidents that are caused by winter weather conditions, they may not feel that any person is to blame. However, weather is not always the main cause of the accident. Drivers have a duty to maintain control of their vehicles or refrain from driving in poor conditions.

If a driver decides to get behind the wheel in spite of dangerous road conditions, they can be held liable for any car accident that happens. Additionally, government agencies may have some liability since they must maintain the roads.

Duty of Care

A driver who decides to drive in dangerous weather conditions has a duty to drive in a way that takes into account the current road dangers. Drivers should reduce their speeds and maintain distances from other vehicles. A responsible driver should make sure that their vehicle can perform under adverse road conditions as well. If a driver does not take reasonable precautions, they may be held liable for an accident.

Will My Insurance Cover a Winter Car Collision?

Property damage is a common result of snow and ice accidents. Auto insurance typically provides payments to cover car repairs or replacements. Insurance companies typically provide coverage to their policyholders, leaving a fight over who is responsible. The case can get a little more complicated when dealing with injuries since personal injuries have the potential to involve much higher compensation amounts.

In many weather-related crashes, the driver’s own insurance will provide benefits under personal injury protection (PIP). This is the case if a driver loses control and hits a tree. If another driver is involved, any injuries sustained may be covered under the other motorist’s liability provision.

If the car accident injuries are serious, the claim may exceed the payout limit. When this happens, the injured party may need to file a lawsuit to fully recover damages caused from the accident.

Can Other Parties be Liable?

It is possible that another entity may be responsible for the accident. A suit may be brought against a private property owner or public agency responsible for poor road design or maintenance. To determine liability, a victim should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. Represent Clients Injured in Winter-Weather Crashes

If you were injured in an automobile accident that involved snow or ice, you might be able to collect damages from the party responsible for the crash. A Philadelphia car accident lawyer at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. can help you determine liability and help you get compensation. Contact us online or call us at 215-569-9100 for a free consultation today. Located in Philadelphia, we serve clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.