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Gas Explosion in New York City Causes Catastrophic Injuries and Claims Eight Lives

March 26, 2014

A deadly gas explosion occurred last week in New York City.  The catastrophic accident took the lives of eight people in an East Harlem neighborhood.  Fifteen apartments, a church and a piano store were destroyed when the buildings caved in from the blast. Over 60 persons suffered personal injuries in the building collapse.  More than 100 have been displaced from their homes as a result of the catastrophic accident. Lawsuits for personal injury have been filed against the City of New York, the building owner, and Con Edison.

Explosion and building collapses almost always result in catastrophic injuries. Other accidents, such as auto accidents, workplace injuries and fires, can result in catastrophic personal injuries. Victims suffering from a catastrophic injury often experience physical as well as emotional wounds, and the affects may be long-lasting.  Explosions typically cause serious physical injuries to various parts of the body, specifically the lungs, eyes, ears, brain and abdomen.  Serious bone breaks and fractures are common, as well as amputations and severe disfigurements and scars from burns. In some instances, as is the case in the New York City blast, a catastrophic accident can even be fatal.

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