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Workers' compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Employers have a responsibility to create a safe work environment for you and your coworkers.  Some work accident injuries are the result of one incident while others occur after many years in a certain work environment.  After an injury on the job you may have the right to collect Workers’ Compensation as well as receive appropriate recovery time before returning to work. You should also have the right to get your job back after recovery and any disability that remains from the injury should be accommodated.

Today the Workers’ Compensation system has evolved into a plan that grants current and future medical benefits as well as money to injured workers. In some cases this also includes rehabilitation and training for other types of employment.  Some work accidents that our skilled attorneys at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. include:

  • Construction Accidents
  • Run-Over by Operating Equipment
  • Work Related Death
  • Lifting Equipment Failure
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Falls from Ladders
  • Back/Neck Injuries
  • Electric Shock
  • Shoulder / Knee / Joint
  • Trench Collapses
  • Asbestos Exposure
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Auto/Truck Accidents
  • Hit by Highway Vehicle
  • Social Security Disability
  • Compressed Gases Accidents
  • Roof Related Falls and Accidents
  • Welding Accidents
  • Crane Accidents
  • Hearing loss
  • Scaffolding Accidents

Contact Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C.

If you or a family member experienced an injury in a work accident, the Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. can help you seek Workers’ Compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering.  It is important to act quickly after you have been injured in a work accident.  Your attorney will help you to gather evidence and witnesses to keep your case moving in the right direction.  Call today for a no obligation free consultation with one of our experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyers about your work accident claim: 215-569-9100. You may also contact us online.