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Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Numerous pedestrians are vulnerable to becoming injured by a motor vehicle every day throughout the U.S. Unlike an auto accident, it may not be as intuitive for an injured victim to know how to proceed following a pedestrian accident. As the driver in the accident, it is even more important to know how to react after striking a pedestrian in order to avoid potential criminal charges and to minimize further injury or damage.

Immediately After an Accident

Following a few steps after being involved in a pedestrian accident are crucial:

  • Safety first. Before anything else, ensure everyone is in a safe area. If someone is injured, do not administer medical attention beyond what you are qualified to do. If there is a serious injury, immediately call 9-1-1 and try to not move the victim, if possible.
  • Medical help. Even if the struck pedestrian says they are fine, call the police and medical care providers, such as an ambulance. A medical professional can help the victim, and a police officer can assess the situation and write a report to help with later claims.
  • Exchange information and contact insurance. Following the accident, it serves to exchange information between the driver and the pedestrian. Gathering this information can help your Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer get started on your claim to compensate for your injuries.
  • Seek legal counsel. This is especially important, regardless of how severe your injuries may seem at the onset. When the police and insurance agent arrive, speak truthfully about the accident and extent of your injuries.

Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. Represent Victims Involved in Pedestrian Accidents

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