$1,140,000 – Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accident in Montgomery County, PA

Anthony C. Gagliano, III, Esq. handled this most difficult case for the family/estate of a deceased motorcyclist where the police alleged that the motorcyclist was speeding at approximately 75-80 mph on Ridge Pike in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, when he struck a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. The Estate argued that the driver, travelling in the opposite direction, failed to yield to oncoming traffic when he attempted to make a left turn across two (2) oncoming lanes of traffic, into a parking lot of a shopping center, after he identified the motorcycle coming in his direction. The deceased motorcyclist was never issued a valid Pennsylvania motorcycle license prior to the accident. Three (3) different insurance policies contributed to the settlement, including exhausting the policy limits of the motorcyclist’s underinsured motorist (UIM) policy.

$1,100,000– Motorcycle Accident in Montgomery County, PA

This case stemmed from a motorcycle accident when the motorcyclist was struck by a motor vehicle that was attempting to make a left turn from a restaurant parking lot. The case was resolved after binding arbitration.

$1,000,000 – Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accident in Philadelphia, PA

This motor vehicle accident occurred when a woman was crossing the street and was struck in the crosswalk by a cement truck. This case was settled without the need for litigation.

$800,000 – Philadelphia Car Accident on Roosevelt Boulevard

Anthony C. Gagliano, III. Esq. handled this difficult case on behalf of a client who suffered multiple leg and ankle fractures after another car forced his car off the road and into a telephone pole. The defendant driver claimed that our client was not only intoxicated but observed empty cans of beer in our client’s vehicle.

$750,000 — Montgomery County Work-Related Uninsured Motorist (UM) Settlement

 Anthony C. Gagliano, III, Esq. secured a significant settlement with his client’s employer’s uninsured motorist carrier after his work delivery truck overturned when a motorcycle ran him off the road. Our client suffered a fractured arm and leg. The local police initially alleged that our client was at fault for the wreck as he was allegedly operating his work truck under the influence of intoxicating substances. Not only did our client avoid criminal charges, we also settled his Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim.

$600,000 – Products Liability/Motor Vehicle Accident in Montgomery County, PA

This complex case arose when a woman was walking down Main Street in Souderton, PA when a tire dislodged from a Ford Explorer, flew down the street, hopped the curb and struck my client in the head while she was entering a diner. It was discovered in litigation that the Defendant motor vehicle driver had his tires changed approximately 3 days prior to the accident. We were able to obtain a settlement against the tire repair service shop that did not properly install the tire.

$550,000 – Work Related Motor Vehicle Accident in Philadelphia, PA

This work related motor vehicle accident arose as our client was driving his seafood delivery truck and was rear ended by another commercial vehicle. We represented the claimant for both his worker’s compensation claim and motor vehicle accident claim.

$500,000 — Montgomery County Work-Related Parking Lot Accident

 Anthony C. Gagliano, Esq. secured this settlement in a difficult case as our client (employed by local hospital) suffered aggravation of degenerative disc disease in a low speed parking lot accident. Our client also had a lengthy history of back injuries and injury claims. Our expert witness team — including medical expert, vocational expert and economic expert were able to prove significant damages. The Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claim settled as well.

$500,000 – Work Related Premises Liability Slip and Fall in Philadelphia, PA

This work related slip and fall incident occurred when our client was employed as a hospital worker when she slipped and fell on water located in the bathroom which originated from a leaking toilet pipe. This case was resolved against the local hospital and their maintenance company several days before the beginning of the jury trial. There was also a Workers’ Compensation settlement obtained in this matter.

$500,000 —Carbon County DUI Related Crash

 Anthony C. Gagliano, III, Esq. represented two (2) underage passengers who consumed alcohol with the underage intoxicated driver before the underage driver crashed his father’s car and was subsequently arrested for DUI. Both 18 year old passengers were ejected from the car. The insurance companies argued that the passengers assumed the risk by knowingly getting into a car with their drunk friend with whom they drank with before the wreck.

$485,000 – Motorcycle Accident in Philadelphia, PA

This motorcycle accident occurred when our client was traveling through an intersection and a Ford Explorer made an improper left turn. This case was settled without the need for litigation.

$392,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident in Bucks County, PA

This claim arose from a motor vehicle accident in which our clients, a husband and wife were rear ended on Swamp Road in Buckingham Township, PA, when they were stopped for traffic ahead. The wife’s claim settled immediately after filing a lawsuit in the amount of $300,000 and the husband’s claim settled prior to filing a lawsuit for $92,000.

$385,000 – Work Related Premises Liability in Philadelphia, PA

This work related accident occurred at a local Philadelphia prison in which a prison guard was injured when a shower ceiling collapsed on top of him. The prison guard was attempting to rescue other prison guards and inmates when another part of the ceiling collapsed on him. The Workers’ Compensation claim was resolved without litigation and the third party case was resolved prior to jury trial.

$325,000 – Work Related Slip and Fall/Premises Liability in Chester County, PA

This slip and fall accident occurred when our client fell down broken and/or cracks steps with no handrail at a local college and fractured her right ankle. This case was settled prior to trial and after mediation. There was also a Workers’ Compensation settlement obtained in this matter.

$312,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident in Philadelphia County, PA

This case arises out of a motor vehicle accident in which our client was a passenger when the other vehicle made an improper left turn in front of her vehicle. The third party case settled quickly for policy limits and a lawsuit was filed against the client’s insurance company for underinsured motorist benefits and was resolved through a binding arbitration.

$300,000 – Homeowners’ Claim in Philadelphia, PA

This claim arose out of a house fire which destroyed the entire contents and structure of our clients’ home in Philadelphia. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of our clients against their Homeowner’s Insurance carrier and settled the case prior to trial.

$275,000 – Slip and Fall in Philadelphia, PA

This case arises out of a slip and fall incident in which our client slipped and fell on snow and ice on a sidewalk in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This case settled prior to filing a lawsuit.

$250,000 – Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accident in Philadelphia, PA

This case arises from a pedestrian knock-down car accident when an elderly woman attempted to cross the street and was struck by a Philadelphia police car. This case was settled in litigation prior to trial.

$225,000 – Workers’ Compensation Claim

This work accident claim occurred when a roofer accidentally fell off a three story roof. The injured claimant was unable to return to work and sustained permanent injuries as a result.

$222,000 – Workers’ Compensation Claim

This work accident occurred as my client was working as a clinical research nurse/coordinator and was caused to slip and fall on ice while taking out trash.

$192,000 – Workers’ Compensation Claim

This work related accident occurred when my client who was employed as a fork lift operator at a paper mill was operating a fork lift and was caused to injure his right hand and fingers.

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