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Philadelphia Bus Accident Lawyers

Public transportation is a cost effective way to curb the amount of auto accidents on the road by taking many extra vehicles off the road. However, buses can still be involved in traffic accidents, albeit far less than cars and motorcycles. Despite the statistics that show buses are much safer, dozens of people are injured each year in bus accidents.

Those involved in a bus accident are subject to the same types of injuries as those involved in car or motorcycle accidents including soft tissue injuries to serious head trauma. Additionally, due to the nature of riding a bus, there are some further risks added, such as rollover accidents or a lack of safety devices, such as seatbelts.

Bus Accident Injury Claims

A personal injury claim resulting from a bus accident is less straight forward than the average car accident, as more players have liability in the accident. When the accident is caused by another vehicle, it is much simpler. Victims can make a third-party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company for compensation such as medical expenses or lost wages. In these cases, it is likely you will receive a settlement.

However, when the driver of the bus is at fault, it becomes a bit more complicated. Since buses are operated by government entities, such as a school district or public transportation bureau, the claim will go beyond a typical insurance claim. The bus’s insurance company may deny your claim, leading many victims to file an injury claim or a notice of claim with the government entity that is responsible for the bus.

When filing a notice of claim, you will need to consult your state’s laws to find out when it is your deadline to file. In some states, the time limit is a mere 180 days from the day of the accident. In many cases, there will be a specific form, provided by the government entity, in which you will need to file. Typically, information you will need to provide will include: that a claim is being made against the public body; a description of the time, place, and circumstance of the claim; and the name and address of the person making the claim (most often the person filing out the claim).

Missing a deadline or filing out the wrong form can derail a claim after a bus accident. Speaking with a skilled Philadelphia bus accident lawyer at the beginning of filing a claim can help save headaches and ensure a better settlement for the victim. An experienced attorney can help navigate the locally specific terms of filing, especially in the case of a wrongful death case.

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