Who is Responsible for a Winter Car Accident?

February 23, 2021

When drivers become involved in car accidents that are caused by winter weather conditions, they may not feel that any person is to blame. However, weather is not always the main cause of the accident. Drivers have a duty to maintain control of their vehicles or refrain from driving in poor conditions. If a driver decides to get behind the wheel in spite of dangerous…

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Who is Liable for a Left-Hand Turn Accident?

February 16, 2021

With the high volume of traffic congesting the streets of Philadelphia, car accidents are a common occurrence. Car accident injuries can get expensive, and victims likely will worry how to cover their medical bills and lost wages. To determine coverage for these expenses, it is best to understand liability in car accidents. Liability might not always be straightforward, such as fault in left-hand turn collisions.…

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Can Improper Headlights Cause a Collision?

February 3, 2021

Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury, death, and property damage. Safety tips should be followed to limit the risk of a car wreck. One of the most important factors in driving safely at night or during certain weather conditions is to ensure that all of the vehicle’s lights are operational and working at their peak performance. Improperly functioning headlights have been found…

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Why Should a Driver Never Slam on the Brake Pedal?

January 19, 2021

Slamming on the brake pedal can cause various problems, such as damaging the car, injuries, and car accidents. It is an ill-advised driving practice that should be avoided whenever it is possible. Sometimes, sudden circumstances or unforeseen obstacles require a motorist to make a quick reaction, but in most driving situations, it is best to brake gradually. A driver who remains aware of the road…

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What Should I Prioritize After a Car Accident?

January 13, 2021

A car accident can be a traumatic event, and many people feel shaken afterwards, even if the damage was minimal and no one was seriously injured. With adrenaline pumping through the body, it may be hard to stay collected and remember what to do after an accident. Reading up on what to do in the aftermath of an accident helps one be prepared. Should I…

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What Should I Do if an Unsafe Road Condition Caused My Car Accident?

January 8, 2021

When roadways are not maintained, drivers can be injured. Poor road maintenance causes many injuries and property damage. Road crews and local officials must maintain driving surfaces, traffic signs and signals, road markings, and safety features, like guardrails. When the road is obstructed or mottled with potholes or other damage, road users can be seriously hurt. When inclement weather become an issue, workers are tasked…

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How to Prepare a Vehicle for Winter Weather

December 28, 2020

Winter weather is dangerous and causes many car accidents and property damage each year. Winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road. Around the holiday season, more people are driving, which means more people are at risk for accidents. The weather and the actions of others are not within one’s control. However, there are steps to take…

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What Items Should I Keep in My Car During the Winter Months?

December 15, 2020

Winter can be harsh in the northeastern part of the country. Sleet, snow, and freezing rain can cause havoc on any commute, causing serious car accidents. Since weather in the winter months is unpredictable, it is imperative to have a winter emergency kit in every owned vehicle. The following contains several suggestions of what to pack into a car emergency kit for the wintertime. It…

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What Should I Know About Car Accidents with Emergency Vehicles?

December 1, 2020

In busy cities, it is not uncommon to see or hear emergency vehicles. Operating an emergency vehicle requires special training and skills. Other drivers must know how to react when they see these vehicles in the area; however, some accidents are unavoidable. In some cases, an emergency vehicle can be involved in a car accident. In fact, statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration…

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Who is Responsible for a Car Accident in a Parking Lot?

November 23, 2020

Car accidents occur daily and cause significant damage to property and serious injuries to drivers and passengers. It is important to understand the dangers before getting behind the wheel. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there were approximately 38,800 people killed in car crashes in 2019. While this sounds like a large number, it actually marks a decline from the previous year, which was…

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