When Property Owners Shift Liability in Slip and Fall Accidents

November 27, 2019

Slip and fall accidents occur as a result of negligence. When an injury occurs due to poor conditions, people tend to consider the property owner responsible. However, it is not uncommon for property owners to argue for shared liability. This leaves the injured party responsible for identifying and proving liable parties responsible. To reach the best possible legal outcome, victims of slip and fall incidents…

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Motorcycle Crash in South Philadelphia Causes Fatality for Rider

July 30, 2018

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a motorcycle crash caused a fatality for the rider. On Monday morning, around 3 am, the fatal accident between two motorcycles occurred on Columbus Boulevard in South Philadelphia. The rider succumbed to his fatal injuries after being transported to the Jefferson University Hospital for medical treatment after the motorcycle crash. No other information was available about the condition of the other motorcyclist.…

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Head-on Collision in Bensalem Fatally Injures Two Victims

A head-on collision in Bensalem, Pennsylvania caused two fatalities on Sunday morning. Shortly after 7am, the fatal car accident occurred on Interstate 95 when a driver traveling in the wrong direction struck another vehicle. The wrong-way driver succumbed to his fatal injuries at the scene of the head-on collision. Both the driver and one of the passengers sustained injuries in the crash while another passenger…

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Philadelphia Vehicle Crash Lands Van in Train Tracks, Injures Three

July 24, 2018

A vehicle crash in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania caused a van to end up on the train tracks and three victims to sustain injuries. On Tuesday morning, around 7:30am, the motor vehicle accident occurred when two vehicles collided in the Kingsessing section of the city. After the vehicle crash, the van involved in the collision crashed through a fence, went over an embankment, and landed in SEPTA’s…

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Multiple Injuries After Serious Car Accident in Hunting Park

July 9, 2018

Multiple injuries resulted from a serious car accident that occurred in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Around 4am, on Monday morning, the crash took place when a driver lost control of a car and smashed into several parked cars and caused a van to land on other vehicles. Five occupants of the car sustained various injuries and received medical treatment at the Temple…

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Hunting Park Motorcycle Accident Fatally Injures Rider

June 25, 2018

A motorcyclist sustained fatal injuries after a motorcycle accident occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On Sunday night, around 7 pm, the fatal crash took place on Roosevelt Boulevard in the Hunting Park section of the city when a pickup truck cut off a motorcycle from entering the lane ahead of the truck. The 32-year-old woman succumbed to her fatal injuries at the Einstein Medical Center after…

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Olney Motorcycle Accident with Car Claims Rider’s Life

June 8, 2018

A motorcycle accident in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania claimed the life of the motorcycle rider. Around 3:15 pm, on Thursday afternoon, the fatal motorcycle accident occurred in the Olney neighborhood when a woman driving a car made a U-turn on Rising Sun Avenue and struck the motorcycle. After the Olney motorcycle accident, the 27-year-old rider succumbed to his fatal injuries at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. Due…

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Five Victims Injured After SEPTA Train Collision in North Philadelphia

June 6, 2018

A SEPTA train collision took place in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which caused personal injuries for five train occupants. Around 4:20 pm, on Tuesday afternoon, the train accident occurred when one SEPTA train that was traveling from Temple University and another that was heading toward the college collided. Five victims sustained a variety of injuries during the SEPTA train collision. Commuters assume that trains or other…

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Law Practice Moving to New Office in August

June 1, 2018

The law practice of Nerenberg & Gagliano, P.C.​ is pleased to announce that they are moving to a new office as of August 1, 2018. Their new office is located on 17th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets near Liberty Place. The street address is Duane Morris Plaza, 30 South 17th Street, Suite 810, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​ 19103. For over 20 years, the personal injury attorneys​…

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Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident Occurs in Southwest Philadelphia

May 21, 2018

A fatal hit-and-run accident occurred in Southwest Philadelphia resulting in one fatality for a victim and serious personal injuries for another. Around 2:00 am, on Monday morning, the car crash took place when the driver of a minivan tried to make a left turn from Passyunk Avenue onto 63rd Street, and then collided with a sedan. The 29-year-old driver of the sedan who was from…

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