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Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Distracted Driving

April 29, 2015

The American Automobile Association (AAA) recently released its findings from a study of 1,700 videos obtained from in vehicle recorders. This study is the most comprehensive of its type to date. Study findings reveal that an estimated 60% of moderate to severe car crashes involving teenage drivers were a result of distracted driving.

Forms of distracted driving include cell phone use, eating, singing to music, or talking with passengers in the vehicle.  The study shows that drivers who utilized cell phones while driving; either for talking and texting, or other functions; took their eyes off the road an average of four to six seconds. Cell phone use accounted for 12% of the car accidents studied.

Some other distractions noted in the study that contributed to car accidents include:

  • Six percent of crashes were a result of a driver grooming (brushing hair, make-up application, etc.);
  • Ten percent of drivers crashed while looking in the car for something;
  • Nine percent of collisions occurred due to the driver looking outside the vehicle at something, and not on the road ahead;
  • Six percent of accident victims were distracted by reaching for something in the car.

The report concluded that young drivers, 16-19 years old, were involved in approximately 963,000 police reported accidents in 2013, with results of 383,000 injuries and 2,865 deaths.

The issue of texting and driving is a real threat to the safety of all those driving on our nation’s roads. AAA strongly encourages parents to educate their new teen drivers on the dangers of distracted driving. The foundation also recommends a ban on cellphone use for teenagers, and passenger limitations for newly licensed drivers for the first six months of driving. This request is not far reaching, as there are 33 states that currently have teen cell phone use laws, and 18 states that have recommended passenger restrictions.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Fight for Victims of Distracted Drivers

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