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Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Chinatown

June 23, 2015

In Philadelphia’s Chinatown a helpless pedestrian was recently hit by a Duck Boat as she crossed the street with her husband. The elderly woman died due to extensive fatal head injuries, and many witnesses say she was using an iPad at the time. The sad truth is that many pedestrians each year are injured or killed in car accidents.

Today, thousands of technologies are being used not only in cars but also on the streets. It has become the new normal to be on your cellphone or other devices while walking or driving. Observations have shown that not only does distracted driving cause accidents, but so does walking while being distracted. Pedestrians who are using their cellphones and other devices while walking are putting themselves at a higher risk for falling victim to an accident with a car.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  • Before stepping into traffic be sure that you are seen by the drivers. Wearing bright clothing can help draw attention to yourself, also making eye contact with drivers can help because then you will know that the driver has seen you.
  • Only cross the street at corners and crosswalks. Jaywalking is a major problem because drivers are unable to see pedestrians who cross between parked cars.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings at all times, especially when crossing streets. Many accidents occur when pedestrians cross the street as a car is turning.

Speeding Drivers Pose Great Risk to Pedestrians

Speed is a key factor in many pedestrian car accidents because how fast the vehicle is traveling determines whether the victim lives or dies. Lisa Jacobsen, a transportation planner under the Bloomberg administration in New York City, affirmed that those hit by speeding cars are more likely to die than pedestrians hit by distracted drivers who follow the speed limit. Drivers can be considered liable when they operate their vehicles irresponsibly causing injuries to pedestrians. Negligent driving behavior such as aggressive driving, speeding, and distracted driving is responsible for half of the pedestrian accidents that occur.

Drivers and Pedestrians can Reduce Pedestrian Accidents

While drivers have a responsibility to drive safely and pay attention to pedestrians, pedestrians can reduce the chance of being involved in a serious accident by paying attention to the cars on the road. Pedestrian safety can be improved in many communities by clearly marking crosswalks, widening streets where possible, lowering speed limits, building median strips for a safe halfway point on highways and installing flashing lights to alert drivers that pedestrians are in their path.

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