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Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Danger of Riding Motorcycles in the Rain

December 14, 2015

MotorcycleMost motorcyclists typically take off on their bike for an enjoyable ride when there are sunny skies. However, many times a rider can get caught unaware and might end up riding in the rain. After getting caught in the rain a time or two, motorcycle riders may inadvertently develop wet weather riding skills. Following are some additional precautions motorcyclists can take when caught in wet weather to reduce the risk of a motorcycle accident.

A motorcyclist must remain calm and relaxed. When wet and cold, a rider can become uncomfortable, distracted and lose the ability to focus. Waterproof and heavy gloves are important to keep hands warm in order to avoid numbness and slow reactions. Backsplash from the front tire will continuously hit a rider’s feet during a rainstorm; boots with heavy socks will keep feet warm and dry. Bright colored rain jackets and pants help motorcyclists stay warm, as well as keep them visible to other drivers.

Tires lose traction on wet roads, especially on painted lines, manhole covers, train tracks and other metals. Motorcyclists should reduce their speed on wet and slippery roads, increase their distance between vehicles, and allow more space for breaking. When making a turn, riders should remain upright and lean less so that there is more weight perpendicular to the road to increase their traction. Avoid puddles and standing water to prevent hydroplaning and dangerous hidden road conditions such as potholes. Moreover, it is important to realize that motorcycle brakes are not as responsive in the rain and bikers should never apply the front brake only because the front wheel will slip.

Rain and windshield spray bouncing off other vehicles make visibility poor for motorcyclists. Any type of moisture in the air creates fog in helmet face shields and goggles. Try to keep a safe distance from other vehicles and remain visible to other drivers. Decreased visibility in the rain is one of the main reasons for motorcycle accidents.

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable at the hands of other motor vehicle drivers sharing the roads. Safety gear doesn’t prevent injury in the event of a crash, but it can help avoid some of the common and more severe injuries.

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