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Man and Dog Take Fatal Fall into Hole at Philadelphia Park

February 15, 2018

While a 72-year-old man was walking his dog at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, he and his dog took a fatal fall. The incident occurred before 2:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon when the man’s dog fell into a two-and-a-half by six-foot hole in a grassy area of the park by South Concourse Drive. He attempted to rescue the animal and fell into the hole himself. He was found fatally injured at the site of the fatal fall.

Businesses and public venues like parks must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that workers and visitors stay safe while on the premises. Unfortunately, sometimes the property or business owners fail to make repairs or neglect the site, which puts any parties occupying the property or building in danger of developing personal injuries or even fatalities. A property or business owner will be held liable if negligence has been proven.

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