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Can a Construction Company be Liable for My Car Accident?

October 9, 2020

construction company liable

After a car accident, a driver may wonder who is responsible for their injuries. Accidents can involve car drivers, truck drivers, and even construction company workers. When drivers get close to construction zones, vehicles from the construction site could cause collisions.

When is the Construction Company Responsible?

Road construction workers on the highway must keep drivers safe. The construction company must do the following:

  • Post the appropriate speed limit for the site.
  • Post warning signs for merging lanes, closing lanes, or uneven road surfaces in addition to signs noting that construction zones are active.
  • Post detour signs where they are needed.
  • Keep the road surface safe.
  • Add barriers when it is appropriate.

Construction companies must choose appropriate speed limits for their sites, mark roads properly, and create detours. When a construction company does not do all of this, it is impossible for drivers to react to a slow, busy, and narrow road near a construction zone. Signage and barriers should be easy to see well before the construction zone begins. The construction company may also need to put flaggers on the road who can direct traffic.

Construction vehicles that are entering the road can easily crash into other motorists. It may be difficult to see these vehicles, and the driver of the construction vehicle might not have a sight line in either direction.

Do I Still Need a Police Report?

When an accident occurs involving a construction vehicle, both drivers need a police report. A foreman or manager from the construction company might try to mitigate the situation by offering payment or giving the injured driver a number to call. While the construction company might try to settle the accident without a lawsuit, a driver needs to call emergency services, get a police report, seek medical attention, and hire an attorney.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer?

An injured motorist should hire a lawyer to investigate the circumstances of the accident. The construction company can be liable for the accident if they did not take the appropriate safety measures. The construction company can also be liable if they hired a driver who is not capable or licensed to drive the vehicle. Even more troubling are instances in which the vehicle was not serviced properly and it malfunctioned.

It is important to hire a lawyer because an attorney can determine if the construction company is liable. Certain people working for the construction company may have contributed to the accident because they were not following safety protocols.

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