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What Should I Do if an Unsafe Road Condition Caused My Car Accident?

January 8, 2021

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When roadways are not maintained, drivers can be injured. Poor road maintenance causes many injuries and property damage. Road crews and local officials must maintain driving surfaces, traffic signs and signals, road markings, and safety features, like guardrails. When the road is obstructed or mottled with potholes or other damage, road users can be seriously hurt. When inclement weather become an issue, workers are tasked with clearing ice and snow as soon as possible.

When road signs are missing or unclear, motorists may become confused and drive into danger. The same is true for lines and markings painted on the road to guide motorists. When these markings become faded or covered with debris, drivers may not understand traffic patterns, putting them at risk for car accidents. When roadwork causes uneven lanes or other variations in the terrain, road maintenance crews should post signs to give drivers proper warning.

Who is Responsible for the Accident?

Although maintenance workers tend to road condition issues, the owner of the road is usually responsible for a collision, which is often a government entity. Determining who owns the road is a matter of clarifying whether the road is a national highway, a county lane, a local municipal street, or a privately owned property.

Maintenance road crews can cause traffic jams, but their work keeps the roads safe and stable. Highways and byways are staffed with teams that clear debris after car accidents or natural disasters. Road crews are employed by local, county, or the federal government to look after the roads under its jurisdiction. These government agencies can be held legally liable when a road hazard was not fixed in a timely manner.

Additionally, an accident can also happen on a private property. The owners of many private lots and backroads often post No Trespassing signs in an attempt to avoid liability for accidents.

If a driver is hurt because of an unsafe road condition, they should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. By consulting with a lawyer, a victim is able to determine if a claim is necessary.

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