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Can Improper Headlights Cause a Collision?

February 3, 2021


Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury, death, and property damage. Safety tips should be followed to limit the risk of a car wreck. One of the most important factors in driving safely at night or during certain weather conditions is to ensure that all of the vehicle’s lights are operational and working at their peak performance. Improperly functioning headlights have been found to be a common cause of serious accidents during dark conditions.

The reason that properly functioning lights are important for roadway safety can be divided into two categories. It all relates to visibility, but headlights do two distinct things: headlights help the driver to see what is ahead of them and also make their car more visible to other traffic. Driving safely at night is all about being able to see and being seen by others to avoid accidents.

Additionally, headlights illuminate important objects and hazards along the sides of the road. For example, good quality headlights will make it easier to see important signs and may also allow the driver to spot animals or pedestrians. It is a good idea to ensure that they are in good working order. Below are some tips to make the most out of a vehicle’s headlight system.

Make Sure Headlights are Clean

Car headlights get covered in dirt and grime while driving. Considering where they are located on the vehicle, it is understandable that they encounter bugs, dirt, and road debris. It is a good idea to clean them regularly.

Ensure Headlights are Pointing Straight Ahead

Headlights can only do their job if they are pointed in the right direction. If they are off-center, drivers could miss something important. To check headlight direction, a simple test against a closed garage door can help make sure they are set properly. When the headlights are shining on the garage door, the center of both beams should show on the door at the same height above the ground as the lights on the car. The distance between the right and left light should be the same on the door as well.

Do Not Wait to Replace Burnt Out Lights

Non-functioning headlights are a real hazard when driving at night. Most people would not try to drive in the dark with no functioning headlights. Some drivers, however, may delay in getting a bulb replaced if just one light goes out. While one headlight does help with visibility, it does not provide the full view of two properly functioning lights. If anything needs to be adjusted, cleaned, or fixed, it is important to address the issue quickly to avoid a serious accident. If one is in a car accident at night, they may be eligible to obtain compensation if the other driver acted negligently.

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