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How Safe are Electric Cars in Accidents?

March 26, 2021

Every vehicle owner is at risk for a car accident, but there are ways to prevent a serious collision from happening. One way to reduce the likelihood of a severe crash is to choose a safe car. Some road users may wonder whether electric cars are safe choices.

Electric cars do not have combustibles running them, so people may assume that they are automatically safer, but this is not necessarily true. Electric cars run on lithium-ion batteries, which are flammable. When overheated, they can explode, and since they can short-circuit when damaged, they can also catch fire. Still, lithium-ion batteries are safer than gasoline-powered vehicles when it comes to the risk of fires or explosions. When there is a fire, it is typically limited to the area where the batteries are contained, requiring less effort to put out and cause less damage overall.

How Many Batteries are in an Electric Car?

If headlines about cellphones catching fire cause one to worry, then knowing that lithium-ion batteries are used in electric cars may be worrisome. Some electric cars contain over 7,000 batteries; however, there are safety features. There are fuses and circuit breakers that will disconnect the batteries if the car senses a pending collision or potential damage to the batteries. Radiator-chilled coolant works to keep the temperature low so that the battery packs do not overheat. Also, the batteries are positioned in divided arrays with steel separating them so that a fire in one battery will not cause an issue with all the other batteries.

Are Advancements in Technology Making Electric Cars Safer?

Just like with gasoline vehicles, electric vehicle technology advancements continue to be a priority. For example, some electric cars have extra battery protection. Even with this, there is still room for improvement, and car companies are continuously finding ways to make their vehicles safer.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), passengers are less likely to experience injuries in crashes involving electric cars. However, the NHTSA adds that the cost to fix the damage from an accident with an electric car is much higher.

Car manufacturers have made strides when it comes to auto safety. New technology, better engineering, and higher safety standards have all led to safer driving. No matter how safe a car is deemed to be, it will still come down to the person behind the wheel. If one is a responsible driver, a safer car will help, but it is important to remember there are other motorists who may be negligent. If one is involved in a collision, they should speak to a car accident lawyer about a personal injury claim.

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