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What are Some Important Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving?

May 20, 2021

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a significant danger on American roadways. It causes many car accident injuries and fatalities every year. One brief distracted driving mistake can change a driver’s life forever. Being aware of the risks and knowing how to reduce them can help drivers stay safe. Below are some safety tips to help avoid distractions while driving.

Put Away the Cellphone

Cellphones are the most well-known cause of distracted driving. Massive public safety campaigns urge motorists to not text and drive. Everyone seems to be aware of the risks to some degree, however, this has not stopped texting and driving completely. It continues to be a serious threat to public safety.

In addition to texting, making or receiving phone calls, taking pictures, and recording videos can be very dangerous distractions for drivers. The best way to be safe is to simply put the cellphone away while driving.

Keep the Interior of the Vehicle Clean

Excessive and unnecessary items inside the vehicle can become dangerous distractions. When items roll around in the car or papers fly around when the windows are rolled down, it is easy for the driver to take their eyes off the road.

Loose items could roll under the brake pedal and cause an accident. Keeping the car clean may not be something most people think of as a safety tip, but it can go a long way in preventing accidents.

Keep Pets in the Back Seat

Pets can be amazing companions, but they can also be significant distractions. A lot of people like to take their dogs for car rides. Both owners and pets often really enjoy this, however, a dog can take the driver’s attention off the road, especially when the pet gets anxious and moves about in the car. For a safe trip, it is best to keep all pets in the back seat and away from the driver.

Plan for the Trip Ahead of Time

There are a lot of potential issues that could lead to distracted driving. Many of these can be prevented with a little planning. One surprisingly common form of distracted driving is when the motorist eats while driving. Planning ahead and leaving early enough to allow time to stop and eat can prevent this.

Additionally, people get distracted by maps or navigation devices. Planning the route ahead of time will reduce stress and take away that extra distraction while driving.

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