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How can Proper Car Maintenance Help Prevent an Accident?

May 24, 2021

Car Maintenance

Proper car maintenance will help maintain the value of that significant investment and stave off more expensive repairs. A properly maintain car is also likely to help a driver avoid a car accident. Problems like worn out brakes, windshield wipers, and tires can cause trouble stopping, reduce visibility, and interfere with steering. Wear and tear on these parts will happen sooner or later. The key to proper car maintenance is doing necessary work in a timely manner.

Most states do require periodic safety checks to maintain current registration. However, these safety checks are the bare minimum. Inspections will usually include testing braking ability, condition of windshield and headlights, as well as checking for undercarriage leaks. It does not make sense to wait for mandatory car inspections to catch safety problems. It makes sense to keep current on maintenance throughout the year.

What are Signs That a Car Needs Maintenance?

Most of the time, if a car part is failing, there will be telltale signs. When brake pads are getting worn out, the brakes will typically be sluggish and will often make a squeaking sound when the brake pedal is pressed. Failing to replace brake pads in time cannot only reduce braking ability, it can ruin the rotors, which are far more expensive to replace.

Tires can be visibly inspected for wear and given the penny test. Simply insert a penny with Lincoln’s head in the grooves of the tread. If the top of the head is visible, the tire is too worn and should be replaced. Tires should also be checked for proper air pressure.

Engine oil needs to be changed regularly. Check the oil by removing the dip stick and wiping it clean with a rag. Replace the dip stick and inspect the oil level and color. The level should be between the lines marked for proper fill, and the color should not be too dark or opaque. The car’s manual will also provide details about what type of oil to use and how frequently it should be changed.

Visibility is Key to Safe Driving

Other important maintenance includes making sure the headlights are all operable. When headlight bulbs are out, it is difficult to see at night and be seen by other drivers. Windshield wipers should be replaced whenever there is significant streaking on the windshield. Driving in a rainstorm with old wipers can drastically impede visibility and be a recipe for disaster.

Can I Be Held Liable for Driving a Poorly Maintained Car?

Keeping a car safe involves both driving with care and keeping the car in good working order. Drivers are expected to maintain their vehicles in safe working condition. Failing to do so can be considered negligent. If an accident is caused by a car that has not been properly maintained, then the driver could be found liable.

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