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Why is Texting at a Traffic Light so Dangerous?

June 7, 2021

Texting at a Traffic Light

Motorists are generally aware that driving and texting is a violation of the law. Texting while driving can be distracting and cause a car accident since it generally requires the motorist to take their eyes off the road for many seconds at a time.  Most states also have laws against distracted driving and handheld cellphone use. Additionally, many newer cars have the technology that allow drivers to make and receive hands-free calls. Some cars will even read incoming texts to the driver.

Often, drivers think that texting at a red light is legally acceptable; however, that may not be the case. In many states, drivers can receive violations for texting, even while stopped in traffic or at a red light because studies show that there is a hangover-like effect when a person texts while driving. This means that the driver continues to be distracted even after the text is sent. That hangover-like effect can last up to 27 seconds, according to the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety. During that period, drivers may still be thinking about the text they just sent and not paying attention to other motorists.

Additionally, drivers who text while at red lights may unknowingly roll forward while texting. They may not be aware of oncoming hazards that they would normally see had they not been texting. Even if texting at a red light is not a violation in the state where the driver resides, it is a bad habit.

How can I Avoid Cellphone Use While Driving?

Some important tips for drivers are listed below:

  • Motorists can activate a Do Not Disturb feature on the cellphone while driving. This will disable notifications of texts and notify the sender that the recipient is driving and will not see the text right away.
  • Motorists can put the cellphone out of sight while driving.
  • Drivers can pull over to call or text to limit distractions while operating the vehicle.
  • Motorists can program navigation programs on the cellphone before starting to drive.
  • Drivers can ask for help from passengers if they receive a text message they are unable to read.

Passengers can help drivers avoid distractions from cellphones by doing the following:

  • Speaking out if the driver is distracted.
  • Offering to help answer texts for the driver if the motorist wishes the passenger to do so.
  • Passengers should avoid distracting conversations on their own cellphones.

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