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Are Older Drivers Now Safer Drivers?

July 12, 2021

Older Drivers

Recently, a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed that drivers that are 70 years old or older are less likely to be involved in fatal car accidents compared to motorists between 35 and 54 years old. Some reasons why older drivers are now considered safer drivers include:

  • Medical Advances: Medical advances, healthier lifestyles, participating in activities, and working longer contributes to health. Elderly motorists keep their licenses longer and drive more often. With Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions lifting, they could be back on the roadways in larger numbers.
  • Auto Safety Features: Some older drivers have more money, such as investments and retirement plans, which means that elderly motorists may be able to now afford safer vehicles. Current car models have better airbags, blind spot and lane departure warnings, and automatic braking assistance that makes driving safer.
  • Experience: They are cautious drivers and likely have more experience. Many car accidents are caused by inexperienced drivers, such as teenagers, especially during the summer months. Older drivers might make safer choices because they have more experience.

What Challenges Do Older Drivers Encounter?

Each state has its own rules for retesting drivers. For example, some states require new vision examinations, and some have the rules but do not enforce them. Some challenges that older drivers face include:

  • Aging can mean physical changes. Hearing loss can interfere with safe driving.
  • Cognitive issues of various types and degrees affects perceptions.
  • Prescription drugs to alleviate physical and mental conditions can have side effects, like drowsiness or slow reaction times.
  • Prescriptions for glasses do not have a lifetime guarantee. Vision changes can be subtle. Cataracts and impaired vision can arise. Not everyone gets a yearly vision exam.

An older driver on the road should not have the stereotypical image of being less skillful. While many of them drive slower than others, they tend to be more cautious and considerate. Safer drivers take less risks because they are more focused and responsible.

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