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What are Top Back-to-School Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers?

August 23, 2021

Teenage Drivers

Before school starts, parents should caution their teenagers about the traffic changes they will be facing when they go back to school. When a teenager prepares to go back to school, there will be a lot more cars on the road in the mornings. They will be faced with morning work traffic, school traffic, and larger vehicles, such as buses.

It is important to follow the flow of traffic, and teenagers should be aware of their surroundings, especially if there are driving on main roads where students are walking to school.

Many teenagers will carpool or drive to school with a group of friends. Although these are alternatives to riding the bus, driving with friends can be distracting. If you are in the car with friends, remember to keep your focus on the road. Distracted driving can lead to a car accident.

How can Teenage Drivers Remain Calm When School is in Session?

You should be prepared, and get gas the day before to save time in the morning. Sometimes, getting gas before school can be time consuming. To avoid waiting in a long line at the gas station, plan to get it the day before so there is one less task to worry about in the morning.

Parents should encourage their children to leave 10 minutes early to avoid rushing. Some drivers speed when they fear they will be late. If leaving the house 10 minutes earlier than normal helps, then there is nothing wrong with getting too your destination early.

What are Social Distractions for Teenage Drivers?

When teenagers reach the age where they are old enough to drive to school, there is always the excitement that comes with wanting to drive with their friends. However, it is important to limit the amount of passengers to avoid distractions. Although it may be fun to drive with friends, it is important to limit the amount of passengers. With many passengers in the car, the chance of getting into an accident increases greatly.

Whether a teenager is driving on their own or with their friends, their phone is still a distraction. Teenagers will reach for their phones to text, call, change the music, or check social media while driving. Parents need to stress to their teenagers to just put the phone down while driving. It may be helpful to put the cellphone on Do Not Disturb mode. This will ensure that there are no distractions. If there is a need to make a call, it is important to pull over or wait until you have reached your destination.

It may not be the popular opinion, but keeping the radio down or off will help to avoid distractions. Teenage drivers will need to play close attention, which means they need to stay alert and be able to hear everything around them.

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