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What Labor Day Driving Tips Should I Follow?

August 30, 2021

Labor Day

Labor Day is the unofficial holiday that marks the end of summer, so everyone takes advantage of this time. With that being said, there is a lot of traffic due to people traveling for Labor Day events. This year, it is expected that more people will travel for the holiday due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions lifting. However, more traffic also means more car accidents.

Traveling on Labor Day weekend is very dangerous due to the mass amount of people on the road, drunk drivers, extreme heat, and more. Before the holiday starts, it is important to review safety tips. Listed below are ways you can stay safe on the holiday weekend.

Plan Ahead

Everyone looks forward to going away for the three-day weekend, so you may want to get a head start and leave as early as possible. Many people are very anxious to get on the road, so they leave straight from work, which crowds roadways. It is recommended that travelers leave in the early hours of the morning.

Most vacationers start traveling on either Friday or Saturday as early as possible. However, it is suggested that drivers hit the road late Thursday or early that morning before the holiday weekend begins and return the Tuesday after.

Prepare the Vehicle

All drivers should take time to do mandatory maintenance to keep their vehicles in shape. When it comes to a road trip, keeping the vehicle updated is very important.

By having the wipers and fluids filled, cooling systems serviced, oil changed complete, and any other modifications done, there is less room for error. If there is something on the vehicle that should be serviced, then that area should be repaired. There is less risk of anything happening if all issues are settled before the trip begins.

Avoid Distractions

As the driver, it is important to eliminate all distractions to avoid any accidents. This means electronics, loud noises, distractions from passengers, or anything else that might bother you on your journey.

Do Not Drink and Drive

If you are the driver, it is your responsibility to drive safely. If you plan to drink at a Labor Day event, you should arrange for a ride home ahead of time. You can arrange for a designated driver or plan to use a rideshare service to get home. Public transportation is another alternative. If possible, you can also sleep over at someone’s house and wait until the morning to drive home.

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