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How Do I Document Broken Ribs from a Car Accident?

December 2, 2021

broken ribs

Victims of a car accident are often susceptible to a litany of injuries including blunt chest trauma from the force of the accident, which can result in broken ribs. Broken ribs are a painful injury that can result in pneumothorax or collapsed lungs.

The injury involves a great deal of medical treatment that will need to be done beyond pain alleviation and often result in claims that have relatively minimal medical expenses but a great deal of pain and inconvenience. A suspected pneumothorax involves treatment to implement chest X-rays or a CT scan to ensure the lung can reinflate by a variety of means, including insertion of a chest tube, needle aspiration, and/or in more severe cases, surgery.

It is important to note that insurance adjusters often try to compensate victims of broken ribs with settlements that are less than suitable because insurance companies seek to compensate on economic variables such as medical expenses or lost wages and often do not account for physical pain.

Anyone who has sustained broken ribs in a car accident should inform their medical provider of the pain and inconvenience during each visit; documenting the pain that you are suffering in a diary will provide a record of the pain and suffering that you have suffered because of your broken ribs.

How Car Accidents Cause Broken Ribs

According to the Mayo Clinic, vehicle accidents are on one of the most common causes of broken ribs, and situations in which people suffer ribs fractures in car accidents include the following:

  • Direct chest trauma when the other car hits your body in the chest area, an injury often seen in car accidents involving a pedestrian or bicyclist.
  • During a motor vehicle accident, a severe impact can thrust you forward and the seat belt has to grab you suddenly to hold you in the seat with the force capable of fracturing your ribs.
  • Also, the deployment of an airbag during a car accident has been known to break a motorist’s ribs.
  • If a backseat passenger is not wearing a seat belt, they can sustain broken ribs from striking a side door, the back of the front seat, or another object inside the car.
  • Additionally, any unrestrained driver or passenger can suffer broken ribs if the force of the collision ejects them from the car.

Receiving Compensation for Broken Ribs from a Car Accident

Compensation for rib fractures from a motor vehicle accident can include medical bills for all reasonable and necessary treatment you need because of the collision; lost wages from time away from work to recover from your injuries; compensation for the physical discomfort and mental distress you endured because of your pain and suffering; and lingering injuries and consequences, including reduced earning potential and the costs of ongoing medical procedures and personal care, especially if you suffered serious complications associated with broken ribs.

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