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What Is Older Driver Safety Awareness Week?

December 7, 2021

older drivers awarness

It is important to make older generations feel safe because all communities should recognize the challenges that come as people get older. Older drivers are more at risk for car accidents because of medical conditions, health, age, and other factors. During this week, it is important to talk with older loved ones or other people in the community about staying safe and raising awareness. There are various ways of observing the week and things we can do as a community to be more aware of our surroundings to ensure everyone on the road is safe. This is a time to have conversations with elderly drivers about their health and practicing regular checkups to ensure they can be on the road.

Why Is This Week Important to Celebrate?

During a safety awareness week, it serves as an opportunity to teach all drivers to be safe while sharing the road with not just elderly drivers, but all drivers. By raising awareness that the elderly face, we as a community can recognize their problems and help in any way we can. This is also a time to provide valuable information that highlights the elderly’s challenges and provide solutions in hopes to increase driving safety awareness.

What Are Some Activities in Which Everyone Can Participate?

During this time, it is important to anticipate change and the effect it can have on everyone. When elderly motorists reach an age at which they cannot drive as much or not drive at all, the support of those around them is crucial. It is imperative to have conversations with your family and interventions that are meant to empower elders and their families. Any adjustments to an elderly person’s daily routine are not something to take lightly. By staying engaged in the community with or without a car, these elderly people are staying active and alert. Assisting the elderly in find alternative means of transportation such as public transportation, medical transports, or the help of friends and family is another way of getting around safely. Another important factor is evaluations with occupational therapists to determine if they should keep driving through a driving fitness evaluation.

How to Observe the Week

  • Host a driving session for the elderly in which skills can be refreshed and questions can be answered. This will educate the public about driving safety and develop a deeper understanding of what we can each do to protect ourselves and others.
  • Post about raising awareness and any events to celebrate the week. By spreading the message and taking advantage of social media, it is easy to explain the importance of driving safety and the problems the elderly face.
  • Get the message out by printing flyers to post around town. By circulating information on the subject, there is a better chance a wider variety of groups and businesses will contribute to the week’s celebrations. This also a good way to get the message to the elderly more efficiently than using social media.

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