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How Can Drivers Prepare for Memorial Day Weekend?

May 18, 2022

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. Can Help You After a Memorial Day Collision.

Memorial Day weekend is a time for families and friends to gather for the unofficial start of summer. For many people, it means traveling at least a few hours away to spend a long weekend with people you may not have seen in some time.

Car accidents spike due to all the different vehicles on the road during the holiday weekend, leading to tragic outcomes. If you are traveling this Memorial Day, here are some tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Do Not Drive After Drinking

The Memorial Day holiday often brings out alcoholic beverages. Whether you are enjoying a cookout in a friend’s backyard or taking your party to the beach, you are bound to have drinks. If you do, do not drive.

Good advice for any time of the year, do not drive after you have been drinking. It could result in costly fines and a loss of your license, but it is also dangerous. If you must drink, stay the night at your destination.

Avoid Distractions

While driving, put your phone away. If you need it for directions, keep it visible but turn on driving mode so you are not distracted by incoming calls or texts.

The same goes for any passengers. Because Memorial Day weekend often sees high traffic volume, you will need to pay more attention to the road than usual. Make sure your passengers know to keep conversation to a minimum and help you navigate.

Be a Defensive Driver

It is understandable that you want to get to your designation quickly, but you should not rush or speed. It is important to be a defensive driver.

This means following the speed limit, not tailgating, and doing your best to avoid aggressive drivers. Let them pass if another driver is going too fast or weaving in and out of traffic. Do not engage them. That may only make matters worse and result in an accident.

Check Your Car Before You Go

Make sure your car is ready for a road trip. That means checking your vehicle’s:

  • Oil level
  • Coolant
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • Brakes
  • Wipers
  • Lights
  • Tire treads

Even if you take your car in regularly for an inspection, it is an excellent habit to always run through a quick check before a road trip. Also, make sure you have jumper cables, a spare tire, and any other safety equipment you may need in an emergency.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. Can Help You After a Memorial Day Collision

Staying safe on the road is your most important job while driving, especially when there are many other drivers on the road during Memorial Day weekend. Even when you do everything right, you could still find yourself in an accident. If another driver has injured you, speak with our Philadelphia car accident lawyer at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. Call us at 215-569-9100 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We proudly serve clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey from our office in Philadelphia.