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What Are Smart Headlights?

June 2, 2022

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. Pursues Claims for Those Injured in Nighttime Accidents .

Technology keeps advancing, including auto safety features in cars. While some nations have cars with smart headlights, the U.S. is still manufacturing cars with seemingly outdated headlight systems. Therefore, it might be worth taking a closer look at the benefits of smart headlights.

Most cars have a simple headlight system that enables a driver to change from one brightness setting to another: high to low, low to high. More advanced models offer a headlight system that can automatically adjust settings but is limited to only that. Smart headlights take things a significant step forward.

Smart headlights are designed to react to specific driving conditions, responding to differences on the road near or far. Smart headlights can respond to an animal or person crossing the road without affecting oncoming traffic. They can also change to a dimmer or brighter light depending on whether the car is in an occupied area or whether a vehicle is in a poorly lit area.

Smart headlights can also redirect a bright light beam to the road ahead and not an oncoming vehicle. Impressively, they can significantly improve the ability of a driver to see in fog or rain. The headlights can limit the glaring reflection caused by dense fog.

How Do Smart Headlights Work?

Smart headlights are designed with sensors and a unique light system design that can alter the light’s direction, shape, and brightness. Smart headlights are continuously shining a high beam of light. The system will change its setting by turning different lights within the system on and off according to need. The system manages its brightness and direction, providing safer and more comfortable nighttime driving.

Instead of using a standard bulb, smart headlights are made up of LED panels, a high-quality lighting system. LEDs offer more flexibility and have a high luminous flux, measuring the perceived power of light coming from a light source.

Smart headlights operate using either a shutter system that blocks part of the headlight or a matrix-type headlight composed of several smaller lights that can be turned on and off accordingly.

How Effective Are Smart Headlights?

According to the AAA, smart headlights can increase lighting on the road by more than 80 percent. The ability of a driver to operate a vehicle safely at night often depends on the effectiveness of the headlight system. With smart headlights adapting to different road conditions, drivers can see a road and its obstacles without endangering other motorists.

When Will Smart Headlights Become Widely Available?

Smart headlights will be here sooner than later. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently ruled that auto industries can manufacture and install smart headlights on new vehicles. The ruling stems from a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed more than a year ago.

With new cars being fitted with smart headlights, it stands to reason that nighttime car accidents might be reduced in the coming years.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. Pursues Claims for Those Injured in Nighttime Accidents

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