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Bucks County Car Accident Lawyers

Bucks County drivers must know how to avoid car accidents and prevent problems in the future. If drivers across Bucks County are involved in accidents, they must also know how to respond afterwards. A Bucks County car accident lawyer can help a victim and their family recover after a collision and obtain remuneration where it is applicable.

Bucks County experienced 44 fatal crashes in 2019; 205 which involved serious injuries and 1,208 with minor injuries. There were 3,092 accidents that involved property damage alone, but that is enough to warrant a lawsuit and compensation. The pastoral lanes in Bucks County are lined with trees, hilly roads, narrow roads, and covered bridges. All of these elements invite accidents because the roads are often slippery and difficult to navigate. Drivers in the region are commuting to Philadelphia, driving up to the mountains, or passing through on long journeys. If drivers are not prepared, they could be in serious car accidents.

How Likely am I to be Involved in a Fatal Car Accident?Car Accident

In 2019, 48 fatalities and 241 serious injuries occurred on the roads of Bucks County. Due to these statistics, drivers must be more careful than ever when they get behind the wheel. A fatal accident can be avoided by using a few simple safety tips. If drivers know how to handle themselves on the road, they are more likely to remain safe. Additionally, drivers must understand how to stay out of dangerous situations. Drivers who engage in risky behaviors or indulge in distractions are more likely to be injured or killed in accidents.

Common Types of Car Accidents

Drivers can learn more about their driving style and safe driving habits if they know how accidents occur. The types of accidents listed below are shown to help drivers remain aware of their surroundings and avoid dangerous situations:

Angle: In 2019, 2,017 crashes occurred at angles. Most of these crashes occurred in parking lots or when drivers entered the roads. Due to the large number of rural roads in Bucks County, it is easy for someone to pull into the roadway without seeing an oncoming car. Bus accidents also occur at angles in many cases as drivers misjudge how much space buses require to make turns.

Reversing: Drivers backing up their vehicles were involved in 20 accidents in 2019. Those who are backing out of driveways and parking spots must be more diligent when looking for traffic that could be passing through. If drivers have a backup camera, they should set it to its widest angle.

Head-On Collisions: In 2019, 225 head-on accidents occurred, and they were often caused by confused drivers going the wrong direction. Many drivers on rural roads simply cross the center lines because they cannot see them. Even if a driver has their high beams on, they may not know if they are in the appropriate lane.

Fixed Object: Accidents involving fixed objects numbered over 1,600 in 2019. A driver who skids off the road can strike a fixed object or parked car. A driver doing something as simple as crossing through an icy or wet intersection can skid and hit an object on the other side.

Single Vehicle: Some single vehicle accidents occur without a collision. In 2019, 133 drivers did not hit anything, but they were still involved in serious crashes. Someone who drives off the side of the road or slides into the median has still lost control of their vehicle and can incur serious injuries.

Sideswipe Accidents: In 2019, 285 sideswipe collisions occurred in Bucks County. Some drivers are pushed off the road when another vehicle changes lanes, but a motorist going the other way might come too close to the victim and strike their car. As the victim attempts to regain control of their car, they might crash.

Rear-End Collisions: A driver who moves slowly can leave room to stop and judge how much they must slow down. Drivers at intersections often do not pay attention to who is in front of them. Drivers in traffic might crash into each other as they start and stop frequently.

Speak to a car accident lawyer to learn how to be compensated after an accident occurs. Drivers can use this list as a way to change their driving style and focus on safety rather than speed.

What Causes Car Accidents in Bucks County?

Car accidents in Bucks County are caused by people who are not prepared for all the circumstances that could occur on the roadways. A driver who is not focused on the road could be involved in one of the following accidents at any time:


Distracted DrivingDistractions inside and outside the car can easily cause an accident. Some drivers talk too much in the car instead of watching the road, and others get distracted by vehicles that have angered them. Additionally, texting and driving in Pennsylvania is outlawed, and drivers are encouraged to use hands-free systems to place phone calls. Distractions for drivers will mount as weather conditions deteriorate, visibility drops, and traffic increases. Some drivers even choose to eat, groom, or adjust the radio and climate controls without watching the road.

Poor Weather and Road Conditions

Road conditions in Bucks County can deteriorate quickly. As leaves fall to the ground, the roads become slippery. Rural roads across Bucks County become even more slippery when it rains, and these roads ice over easily when the temperature drops. Many of these roads are not plowed regularly in the winter, and ice could be hidden under snow that was plowed. High winds in the fall and winter might push cars off the roadways or make vehicles difficult to control. Heavy rains in the spring and summer can reduce visibility to zero, even when the driver engages their wipers at their highest setting.

Lack of Visibility

Lack of visibility on a rural road can lead to an accident because a driver may not know where they are. Therefore, a driver must turn on their high beams so that they can see. The driver, however, must turn off their high beams every time a car comes from the other direction. Drivers must slow down so that they can see everyone and everything. Lack of visibility also contributes to crashes involving wild animals.


Interstates 476, 276, and 295 touch parts of Bucks County. Commuters often speed down these roads, but they are Speeding Carnot immune to the poor weather and road conditions that drivers might experience in the interior sections of the county. Slow down, remain alert, and help create a safe place for everyone to drive.

Intoxicated Driving

Intoxicated driving includes driving under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs, legalized drugs, and prescription drugs. Someone who is intoxicated might sway, weave through traffic, or drive slower than normal. Anyone who feels intoxicated or believes they cannot drive safely should ask a designated driver or rideshare service to help them get home. Since there are many rural locations in Bucks County, it is easy for intoxicated drivers to run off the roadways or cause serious accidents.


Motorcyclists are difficult to see. Drivers must be aware that motorcyclists are out there. Turn down the radio and listen for the sound of an approaching motorcycle. While a driver typically uses their eyes to stay on the road, the sound of a motorcycle can alert a motorist to an impending crash.


A bicyclist is small and more difficult to detect on the road. While bicyclists are allowed to use the roadways, drivers often cut them off when passing or driving through dedicated bicycle lanes. A bicyclist could be struck or pushed off a rural road at any time because the shoulders are narrow and there are often steep drops on both sides of the road. A small bicycle becomes that much more difficult to see at night, even with reflectors and reflective gear. Drivers should slow down and give bicyclists a wide berth to avoid accidents.


Pedestrians might cross at intersections, dart across streets, or use rural roads. Pedestrians are often in the most danger on rural roads because they are difficult to see and they do not have sidewalks to use. A driver can slow down and allow pedestrians to cross instead of trying to speed past them. It is also advisable to slow down at designated crosswalks outside of intersections. These crosswalks often have signals that allow pedestrians to cross, and drivers must be prepared to stop.

Reach out to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible if one of these accidents occurs. Drivers, passengers, and other victims need to know how to recover and obtain compensation.

Are Rural Roads More Dangerous Than Urban or Suburban Roads?

In 2018, 524 car accident deaths occurred on rural roads in Pennsylvania. As Bucks County is filled with rural routes, drivers must be aware that they are on potentially dangerous roads that are not maintained at the same level as highways, urban streets, and suburban streets. Even more troubling is that accident victims are difficult to see on rural roads. Someone who has crashed into a ravine beside the road might be missed by dozens of people. Some rural roads do not have railroad crossing signals or bars, and the bridges on these roads are not maintained at the same level as bridges in populated areas.

What Should I Do After a Ridesharing Accident?

Ridesharing accidents are complicated because there are three ways they are covered. A rideshare driver who does not have passengers in their vehicle or is not available is covered by their personal insurance policy. If the victim is a passenger inside a rideshare vehicle, they should be covered by the corporation’s insurance policy. Contact a car accident lawyer to review how damages should be paid after an accident with a rideshare vehicle.

What Should Happen Immediately After an Accident?

Car Accident ReportAfter an accident, a driver must start by calling emergency services for assistance. If a driver in Bucks County witnesses an accident, they can pull over, engage their hazard lights, and call 911. Drivers should get out of their cars if they can and stay out of the roadway. While it is helpful to assist people who have been involved in the accident, it is not always safe, given where the accident has occurred.

If drivers cannot get out of their vehicles, they should try to signal for help as best as they can. When emergency service vehicles arrive, everyone should be checked for injuries. Most people who are involved in car accidents in Bucks County should go to the hospital or see a doctor. Medical care helps create a paper trail that can be used in a personal injury lawsuit.

Drivers should exchange insurance information, but they should not reveal details about the accident. It is easy for others involved in the accident to take anything that is said the wrong way. A police officer will arrive at the scene to file a report and write citations, if necessary.

What if I Have Only Minor Injuries?

Minor injuries can still warrant a lawsuit when an accident occurs. Drivers often believe they have not been hurt at all because they are merely sore. These accident victims typically go to bed believing that they can get back to work the next day. However, injuries, such as whiplash, can cause sleeplessness, headaches, and nausea, which makes it almost impossible to work. Everyone at an accident scene should be evaluated by emergency personnel.

Which Types of Damages can I Seek?

Car accident victims can seek damages, including:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Quality of Life
  • Punitive Damages

Can I File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit may recover damages after someone is lost in a car accident. The lawsuit should be filed byCar Accident Lawyers the administrator or executor of the deceased’s estate. While this person is allowed to file a lawsuit on behalf of all beneficiaries of the estate, those beneficiaries may file their own lawsuits after six months if legal action has not taken place. A wrongful death lawsuit allows the beneficiaries to recover damages for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Burial costs
  • Probate fees
  • Lost income
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
  • Medical expenses

When a lawsuit is filed, a car accident lawyer will calculate the total damages that can be recovered. The suit may be settled or judged at trial. The family can even appeal a decision if they believe they have been unfairly treated.

Can I Sue a Third Party?

Suing a third party might be the only way to recover compensation after a car accident. Third parties cause accidents every day, and many injured motorists do not realize that someone else is to blame. If a third-party entity is sued, the lawyer must show that they were negligent. Common third parties include:

  • Car Manufacturers: A car manufacturer might build faulty vehicles or choose to suppress recalls.
  • Parts Manufacturers: A parts manufacturer might have sold a manufacturer, mechanic, or a car owner a faulty part.
  • Mechanics: When a mechanic does not properly repair a vehicle or uses a faulty part, they can be sued because their negligence caused the accident.
  • Government Organizations: Government organizations can be sued when their employees or vehicles caused dangerous situations on the roadways.
  • Businesses: Companies might have caused dangerous conditions on the roadways. Additionally, employees can cause accidents.

What Should I Do if I am Offered a Settlement?

Never settle without the assistance of a car accident lawyer. While a settlement can be used to close the case quickly, a victim and their family should not negotiate by themselves. There are several people who may come forward to settle the case. Representatives of the at-fault entities often offer the cheapest settlements possible. Let a lawyer take care of all the negotiations. If a lawyer can get the other side to settle, the victim or their family will be compensated accordingly. If the settlement does not seem fair, the lawyer can recommend taking the case to court.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

An accident victim should hire a lawyer as soon as possible. A victim needs someone who can handle all the legalities. A victim may be too focused on how they can pay the bills and obtain medical care. A lawyer does all the work on the case until the trial is over or an appeal has been heard. A lawyer knows how to take an appeal to the appropriate appellate court, and they will let their client know how the case has progressed.

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