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Winter Storm Driving Tips for Drivers in Pennsylvania

March 7, 2018

Snowy road

Snow creates picturesque landscapes in December, but by March most drivers cannot wait to see the light at the end of tunnel that is called spring. With the descent of Winter Storm Quinn on Philadelphia and surrounding areas in suburban Pennsylvania, motorists must use caution when driving during winter storms and understand that snow, ice, and sleet may create treacherous conditions that could cause drivers to engage in serious car accidents. Follow these winter storm driving tips to ensure a safe drive.

Keep a Slow Pace When driving vehicles in snowy conditions, keep a slow and steady pace, especially since any type of braking, accelerating, or stopping takes longer when driving on icy roads. In order to carefully traverse patches of ice or snow while avoiding possible car accidents, stay slow and avoid making abrupt stops, which could cause the car to spin out.

Stay Safe on Hills Pennsylvania’s hills add to the danger found in winter storm driving. If drivers insistently press on the gas while traveling up snowy hills, the only result will be spinning tires and possible wipeouts. Avoid stopping in the middle of a hill, and instead use momentum to ascend the hill while slowing down after reaching the crest.

Use Brakes Wisely Smooth braking makes for an easier drive in winter weather. Use the threshold braking technique, which involves firm, steady pressure without stopping, starting, and then spinning out.

Winter storm driving means more accidents, which means more injuries and potential fatalities, so use extreme caution or stay home. If you or family members experienced an injury in a car accident, call our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Nerenberg Law Associates, P.C. today at 215-569-9100 or contact us online. Our law practice serves clients in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, and Chester County, but also represents clients in New Jersey and Central Pennsylvania.